Injustice & Race

The killing of George Floyd by a police officer has brought underlying issues of injustice and racism in our society to the forefront. Constructive peaceful protests and destructive looting has followed this. Many people have many ideas about how we ought to respond. The following resources will help up see what the Bible has to say about how we respond to racism and injustice.

There is an agreement that we ought to pursue justice as a society, but what is justice? And how does our worldview shape that? Tim Keller analyzes secular or worldly approaches to justice and morality and demonstrates how they all fall short of the biblical truth. This can help us discern how best to respond to worldly responses to injustice.

Christian sociologist George Yancy writes scientifically and biblically about the concept of White Fragility proposed by author Robin DiAngelo. He offers Mutual Responsibility as a better approach based on its biblical and research-based support.

Shai Linne is a gifted local Christian rapper who shares both about his experiences with racism and his Gospel hope in this powerful piece.

Elder Mike Miller recorded this video that encourages the congregation to consider what the Bible has to say about race and racism.

The Gospel Coalition recorded a night of lament that included prayer and worship music that may lift you up as you grieve all the injustice that has been happening in our country recently.

The Gospel Coalition also published an article by an ex-cop about how sin and depravity work themselves out in police culture so we can better understand and empathize with them.