Our Story

Grace and Peace was birthed from dozens of Christians who wanted to have a community-based and accessible missionary outpost (church) in South Philadelphia.  We began gathering as a Sunday School class at our sending congregation.  Months later we acquired a store-front property in South Philadelphia that allowed us to meet for prayer and missionary strategizing.  Upon the request of neighbors who surrounded that property, many of whom who didn’t believe in Jesus, we began worship services in July 2010.  In less than two years we were full.  For the next year we worshiped on an indoor basketball court at the local YMCA, and then we moved into the renovated warehouse where we currently meet.  Numbers are not what’s most important to us, but conversions and rising attendance have been encouraging since we began.  We have seen the Lord Jesus build His church when money was a concern for us (but not for Him).  We have seen the Lord Jesus build His church when lack of organization seemed to be a problem (but not for Him).  And we have seen the Lord Jesus build His church in close partnership with other congregations in Philadelphia by the simple means of the ministry of the Gospel of grace and the love of God’s people that it induces.  The good news of Jesus has been, and is, both what we proclaim and what we want to focus on.