September 20

Today we continue to walk through John’s Gospel of Jesus in John 9:35-41. In this sermon titled “Coming to Faith & Evangelism,” Pastor Jonathan leads us through this example of Jesus evangelizing that He is the Son of Man.

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September 13

We continue to preach through the Word God inspired through His Beloved disciple in John 9:18-34 today. In the preached Word, Pastor Jonathan asks you, “What’s Your Testimony?”

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September 6

Grace and Peace to you guests and church members! We are grateful that you are joining us as Pastor Jon preaches on the illumination that Jesus Christ brings from John 9:1-17.

August 30

Hello Grace & Peace family! We are so glad you are joining us today as we continue to hear the good news of Jesus Christ in John 8:48-59. Please also be in prayer for our elders as they meet today (August 30) to decide if we will regather to worship in person in September.

August 23

Hello guests and Grace & Peace family! We are grateful for you joining us in worship as we continue through the Gospel of John, preaching on John 8:39-47.

August 16

Join us today in worship as we continue our sermon series through the Gospel of John. Pastor Sherwin will preach on John 8:31-38 about how the Jesus, God the Son, offers to set us free!

August 9

There is no such thing as a stupid question… or is there? This week Ben Shackleton brings the Word and wrestles with this question based on how Jesus ministers in John 8:21-30.

August 2

Hello Grace & Peace family and welcome new viewers! We are grateful to continue to be able to worship virtually with you. Today we resume our worship by seeing what God speaks to us in John 8:12-20.

July 26

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. Join us today as Pastor Jonathan preaches about Jesus’ grace displayed in John 7:53-8:11!

July 19

Worship with us today as Pastor Sherwin preaches on John 7:37-52, where Jesus offers himself as the only thing that can quench our thirst.

Thank you for worshiping virtually with us, and please email [email protected] if you’d like to connect at Grace & Peace!

July 12

Hello again, Grace and Peace family! Today, we continue to learn more about who Jesus is as God revealed Him in John 7:25-36.

July 5

Hello Grace & Peace family! We really miss worshiping with you all in person. That said, we’re also really grateful that God has provided another way for us to dive into his Word together. Join us today as we see what God has revealed to us in John 7:14-24!

June 28

Today we study John 7:1-13 that details how Jesus really existed in time and space. In that time and space, we see how Jesus reveals truth about himself, and lovingly responds to those who do not understand him.

June 21

How do you respond to hard teaching in the Bible? In John 6:60-71 today, Pastor Jonathan preaches about how the disciples say that some of Jesus’ teaching is hard, and how Jesus responds in love and truth.

June 14

What is the good life that you desire? Join us today and see how Jesus’ words in John 6:48-59 shape our understanding of the only truly good life.

June 7

In our service today we listen to what God reveals in John 6:41-47 about competing voices in life, and how God points us to Jesus’ saving voice.

May 31

In John 6:35-40, the people who witnessed Jesus’ miracles and were fed by Him demanded more bread. Join us to see how Jesus responded to their demands so that you can discern how that message applies to your desires today.

May 24

What are you seeking? Worship with us this week and see how Jesus responds to seekers in John 6:22-34.

May 17

This week we will dive into John 6:16-21 to see how Jesus is Lord over raging seas and learn about the hope we have in that great truth.

May 10

Feast on the Word of God with us this week! We will see how God teaches us about who Jesus is based on how he fed people in John 6:1-15.

May 3

This week we continue to hear what God has to speak to us through his Word. In John 5:39-47, we will learn about how Jesus’ opponents misunderstood the Old Testament and how Jesus showed them that it pointed to Him.

April 26

Can Jesus get a witness? Yes he can! In our April 26 worship service, we will learn about three different witnesses that testify for Jesus in John 5:30-38.

April 19

Worship virtually with us by watching our April 19 service! Listen to the sermon to hear what Jesus’s voice has to say about resurrection, judgment, and life in John 5:25-29.

April 12, Easter

He is risen, He is risen indeed!

We invite you to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ by watching our recorded worship service. We will continue to share weekly worship videos until we are able to enjoy each other’s fellowship in person again.

He is risen indeed!